ETHOS: the best IT service provider to Europe

Ethos is the leading IT service provider in Northen Europe market.

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 Ethos Technologies 是一家北欧的IT咨询公司,原先主要的业务在挪威和瑞典, 2005年起开始在中国运作。公司近期的几个在瑞典和挪威的项目很具规模,将使用包括Google Map Service等最新的技术。Ethos 06年成长迅速,目前已经成为北欧IT 离岸外包市场的领导者。07年会加快步伐,具有很多出国工作的机会和挑战性的项目。 公司在北京有多名来自欧美的外籍员工,所以提供良好的英语工作环境。


  • Be qualified to lead a team. To decide on new technologies best suited for clients. 
  • Cooperate with Project Managers, both in China and Europe, and other colleagues to work on system design and software development. 
  • Design project modules and create technical documentation. 
  • Solve challenging technology problems. 
  • Build a strong team. Mentor senior and junior level engineers in software development Best Practices. 

      Skills Required

  • Strong software knowledge base. Ability to design and build system from the ground up. Sense of leadership in technical areas.  
  • More than 7  years experience in software development. At least 2 years in a senior role. At least 3 years' experience in PHP/Web applications developments.  
  • Rich experience in complicated commercial applications development especially in Webservice development. 
  • Fluent in English speaking, listening, reading and writing. Strong sense of responsibility. 
  • Experience in a commercial software system is a preference. Database knowledge such as Oracle or SQL Server is also helpful. Candidate must be familiar with OO technology.  Good team work spirit, strong communication skills. 

Senior Engineer

  • Cooperate with project managers (may involve in the process working with ethos Europe branch) and architecture designers to work on software system which includs knowledge transferring, system design
  • Work on project modules and compose document. Solving challenging technology problems. coding and module testing
  • Guide lower level engineers in projects.  

      Skills Requirement

  • At least 3 years experience in software development on LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).  Web based application development experience is a must
  • Fluent in English speaking, listening, reading and writing. Strong sense of responsibility
  • Experience in commercial software system is a preference.  Be familiar with OO technology
  • Good team work sprit, willing to communicate with colleagues
  • Be interested in learning new technologies and skills

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